Oba Adeyemi said the Oranyan Festival was inaugurated to immortalise and showcase to the whole world the deeds and worth of an enigmatic Oranyan, one of the 7 sons of Okanbi, the son of Oduduwa who was the first Oba in this part of the world to establish an enduring empire which spread beyond its dialectical region and lasted more than 600 uninterrupted years! Oba Adeyemi said while other great nations celebrate their heroes by showcasing their glorious past, Africans do not give much reference to theirs just because of the super-imposition of the 2 religions, Islam and Christianity and the etching of their sermons and creeds into the consciousness of Africans psyche have conditioned our sense of appreciation and thinking, thereby making us see and read fetishism and primitivity as the hallmark of our tradition and culture. “It is within this prism that we used to picture our past heroes and great men of valour and virtues who should be venerated, immortalised while their deeds, acts and wise sayings compiled, documented reserved and preserved for generations yet unborn.” Oba Adeyemi revealed that the Oranyan Festival is one of the steps being taken by the Alaafin in- Council at making sure that the contribution of the Yorubas to the emergence of modern and cosmopolitan world is not relegated into the background and shoved into the ocean of forgetfulness.”